Ottawa Driveway Sealing and Repairs

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We start helping people with there driveway needs early April and continue to October. The Best job you can get for driveway sealing in Ottawa!

Crack Repairs and Gap Filling

Crack repairing is part of the regular maintenance for any driveway and should be touched up each time you have your driveway sealed. There are many different types of cracks and each requires a different technique. Small cracks can be filled with a mixture of sealer and sand and applied with putty knife. Larger cracks that have broken the asphalt may need to be dug out and often require fill and base repair before crack sealant is applied. In every case the crack repair work is done first after a good cleaning with asphalt sealers applied last. Depending on the materials used cracks may take longer to set than the 12 hours required for sealer.

Gaps at the garage are handled much in the same ways as with larger cracks. To avoid material sinking we often apply dry sand to fill the gap before crack filler is applied. This way water has less of a tendency to fill in between the backfill and foundation on your home, reducing the chance that your driveway will slip down from your garage floor and also acts to both stabalize the filler and make it longer lasting..