When you have your driveway sealed with us you are getting the best sealer in town. We use only Jet Black driveway sealers for a longer lasting finish but with less shine than other sealers. This is because the bitumen content is much higher in our sealers. The process involves cleaning the driveway and trimming away weeds and overgrowth along the edges. Any crack repairs or asphalt patching is done at this time. We then apply the sealer. Finally we tape off the driveway to traffic and your all set. The driveway is good to go in the morning but you can walk on it after about 6 hours. No worries if it rains right after or if you need to use the hose as the sealer is oil based and will repel water


 Oil based sealers prevent asphalt erosion or at east slow it down. New pavement has a finite concentration of sand tar and stone and when initially laid it will have a reasonably smooth surface. On new asphalt you can see the sand and stone in the mix. The tar binds together small particles which in turn bund in the larger particles and so on. Unfortunately asphalt will oxidize when exposed to the elements and over time you lose oils in the surface tars. By regularly sealing your driveway you replace these surface tars and slow down general asphalt deterioration. A properly sealed driveway should make your driveway look like new asphalt if its sealed within 1 year of paving and every year after.


How much does driveway sealing cost

Pricing based on industry averages for your area
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The pricing shown here is for information purposes only. The range in price can depend on many parameters that cant be known without a site visit and in some cases where service execution reveals things that change the scope of work required. However this range in price is representative of approx 95% of all similar type jobs

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