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Full paving process includes the removal and disposal of old asphalt, addition of granular A ( mixture of gravel and stone dust) to reset the base to the correct pitch and final compaction before paving. Often we are bringing in substantial stone to strengthen the base at this stage as most driveways especially east of Bank street, and in particular Orleans having been build on clay subgrades have sunken over time. This usually in almost all cases measures out at about 1 ton of stone per 100 sqft. which is equivalent to adding about 3 inches of base material to the existing base for superior strength and longevity.  This is then compacted after grading to provide you with a solid base that will stand the test of time. Finally we pave the driveway with 1 ton asphalt hot mix per 100 sqft. leading to an approximate final pad thickness of 2.5 inches. These driveways are built to last because we have not cheated on either the base or on pad thickness. 


When we pave your driveway we aren't going to cut corners so that were confident there should be no problems with your driveway over time. By building the base this way we can be sure that with reasonable loads your driveway is not going to fail at any point in its useful lifetime. Your new driveway should last at least 25 years or more with proper maintenance and reasonable care. In many cases the entire pad will be hand raked. This allows for maximum stone control over the sand/stone distribution in the mix and our expert hand rakermen strive to achieve the perfect balance for a smooth pleasing surface. A good asphalt rake is when the action of the tradesmen actually brings an even distribution of sand and stone uniformly from the bottom to the top of the pad. This also will provide an even load tolerance throughout. Something paving machines just cat match.  We do use Paver machinery but only on the big jobs. 

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